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.Net Developer

Job # : C4014

Yakum, Israel

Tabit is searching for experienced backend developers with strong Azure knowledge to join our growing team.

As a backend developer, you’ll join our Data and BI team prioritizing quality results, taking pride in your contributions, and drilling down into the details, to achieve optimal solutions with urgency.


  • Design solutions

  • Solve complex problems as needed

  • Work with a technological stack that consists of Azure function, .Net web API, logic apps, SQL Server, Power BI, Data Explorer, queues,

  • Specially assigned projects as needed.


  • 3+ years of experience with .net and C# Azure functions and Queues.

  • Naturally inquisitive with a passion for learning and listening

  • Analytical, resilient and determined to solve complex problems

  • Able to document processes and procedures with high precision and attention to detail

  • Responsible and reliable work ethic

  • Able to receive open and honest feedback to enhance performance

  • Adaptable and coachable

אז אם בא לך להצטרף לצוות המנצח שלנו בחברה צעירה, מתפתחת, בינלאומית, הממוקמת בקיבוץ יקום, שלח/י לנו קורות חיים עכשיו!

הוספת קובץ

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