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Success Manager

Job # : 8011


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At Tabit, we connect our passion for people, technology, and innovation to revolutionize the hospitality industry by
creating cutting-edge solutions that increase the bottom line and propel businesses to the next level.  We are
relentless in the pursuit of opportunities that improve the future of our employees, customers, and communities,
and we’re looking for people who share our DNA to join us in this exciting journey.
Our platform uses business intelligence and point of sale technology, a real-time decision support system, and
mobile applications to provide 360o holistic solutions that streamline restaurant operations, extend sales
opportunities, and elevate the overall experience for both operators and their customers.
We pride ourselves in delighting our clients and providing results that surpass expectations.  To continue delivering
on this mission, we’re looking for an exemptional Tabit Success Manager who will be accountable for the technical
execution and implementation of our platform in the restaurants.   You’ll be working to design, customise, and
train on our solutions while working to build key skills and knowledge of how to implement our system after the


  • Responsible for technical execution of site build and menu design

  • Assist with the execution of the Project Plan as per Senior Tabit Success Manager

  • Assist in discovery meetings to deep dive into specific customer requirements (menu, items, promotions, integrations, etc.), to match our platform solutions against the needs of the customer

  • Plan and execute training sessions pre and post Go Live

  • Facilitate and execute hardware and software staging plans provided by the Senior Tabit Success Manager while assisting in collaboration with 3rd parties such as network infrastructure companies

  • Leverage prior restaurant and service industry expertise to provide top-notch consultative value to customers and companies

  • Act as account manager for your customers in the assigned market

  • Promote Company as the top leader in POS solutions in the assigned territory


  • Must have 3-5 years of prior restaurant experience (bartender, waiter, shift manager, or general manager) – demonstrating an all-encompassing understanding of restaurant operations and business models

  • Must be a “people person” – outgoing, friendly, and comfortable interacting with customers at length.

  • High EQ - patient, composed, assertive, and able to listen with attentiveness and care

  • Basic to mid-level understanding of standard technologies (networks, WiFi, cloud technology, iOS and Windows operating systems)

  • Sales and/or Account Management experience is a plus

  • Project management experience is a big plus

  • MS Office Skills (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)

  • Good analytical and troubleshooting skills

  • CRM (Salesforce, MS Dynamics, etc.) preferred

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